Setting up Oticon RemoteCare

Setting up Oticon RemoteCare Print

You will need to download the Oticon Companion app from the Apple App store or the Android Google Play Store.
This app works with most recent Oticon hearing aid models, including:
Opn, Siya, Opn S, Xceed, Ruby, More, Zircon, Real, Jet, and certain models of Own

For more information on Oticon Companion and its other features, please see our article here:

Follow these steps to set up RemoteCare with your Hearing Health Care professional

First Time use

Once you have installed Oticon Companion, you will need to pair your hearing aids with your smartphone (unless this has already been done by your hearing care provider).

If you have an Android device, you can get started by opening the app. If the hearing aids are not already paired, the app will walk you through pairing them.
If you have an iOS device, you must first pair your hearing aids to your iPhone or iPad in your device’s Accessibility settings. For a guide, see our article here:

Getting started

Launch Oticon Companion on your device and tap the “More” button in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. This will bring you to a screen titled “More benefits” that includes RemoteCare and Help & Support. Tap on the RemoteCare button near the top of the screen to begin creating your account. This is also where you will go for any future RemoteCare sessions.

To create an account

Tap on Create Account

You can either sign up with Google, Facebook, or Apple ID or make your own account through an email address and password.

Verify your account

When you sign up with your email address, check your email inbox. In the email you will receive from Oticon, click on the Finalize your account link. You’ll be sent to a page to set up your password.
In the display name field, enter a name to identify yourself during the appointment, for example, Patrick’s hearing aids.

Once you click Create, you will be redirected to a page informing you that you have successfully created an account. Now return to the app on your device to sign in.

Your first session

The first time you sign in, the app may ask you whether you would like to join Oticon’s newsletter. This is optional. It will then bring you to a screen with the option to “go to visit” or “learn more”. Tap “go to visit”.

The first time you “go to visit”, you will need to agree to Oticon’s data and privacy policy, and allow the app access to your smartphone’s camera and microphone. This is so your hearing care provider can see and hear you during your visit. The app does not have access to your camera or microphone when you are not in a visit with your hearing care provider.

Once you have clicked OK on allowing access to the camera and then microphone, the app will check to see whether your hearing care provider has joined the visit already. Once you have both joined, your RemoteCare session will begin. You will see and hear each other, and your hearing care provider will be able to connect to your hearing aids with their Oticon fitting software.

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