Apple Watch use with the Oticon Companion App

Apple Watch use with the Oticon Companion App Print

First install the Oticon Companion app on your iPhone and ensure your hearing aids are paired and connected with your iPhone (Pairing steps in the link below)





System requirements:

Apple Watch Series 4 or later

WatchOS 8 or later




Second, open the Watch app on your iPhone





Third, scroll down to Available APPS and click INSTALL to the right of the Oticon Companion icon. The app will now be installed on your Apple Watch





Available features for use on the Apple Watch


Once you tap the Oticon Companion app icon on your Apple Watch to open the app you can:





Check battery levels: On the General Oticon Companion screen swipe to the right to view your hearing aid’s battery level





Go to the General page of the app: Used to change the program, adjust volume and mute your hearing aids





Select Speech Booster: On the General Oticon Companion screen, swipe to the left to turn Speech Booster on or off, or turn the Remote Microphone off





Choose from your programs available: Tap the program icon to enter the Program screen. Scroll through the programs and tap the program you wish to select. Scrolling through programs can also be done by turning the digital crown.




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