Oticon Companion App Requirements and Use

Oticon Companion App Requirements and Use Print

The Oticon Companion App is the new all-in-one app that allows users the ability to control their hearing aids, “find their hearing aids” if they become lost, manage their connected devices and receive remote counselling and adjustments when needed.

Note to users: The streaming of calls function with iPhone or Android phones is available with select compatible phones. You can check your phone’s compatibility at the link below:


 To use the app you will need compatible hearing aids and a compatible iOS or Android device

For iOS: operating system software running 15.0 or later

·         In iPhone or iPad device search under: Settings > General > About > Software Version

For Android: operating system software running version 8.0 or later

·         In Android device search under: Settings > About phone > Software Information


Functions available to users with the app:

Control of the hearing aids includes the following functions: Volume adjustment, tinnitus sound management, ability to change programs, NEW SpeechBooster, Streaming equalizer, NEW Troubleshooting, NEW Important news, Find my Hearing Aids feature and NEW access to RemoteCare (For RemoteCare use users will need to create an account). Users can also find the help and support tool, hearing aid details as well as battery level status.

Find my hearing aids tool: The “Find My Hearing Aids” feature is a helpful tool which narrows down the location of your hearing aids at any given moment, or where they were the last time they were turned on and connected to the app. 

Remote counselling with RemoteCare: Allows users flexibility and convenience. Users can get the help that they require from the comfort of their home without the need in some cases, of returning to the clinic for an adjustment. This can save both the user and Hearing Care Professional time while boosting user satisfaction. For more information on RemoteCare, please see our articles on the topic: https://telesupport.hearingaidhelp.ca/support/solutions/folders/31000119625

To use RemoteCare new users will need to create an account. If you already have an account you can sign in with your existing credentials.

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