Audinell Drying Cup

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 The Audinell drying cup is a hearing aid accessory used to combat daily perspiration, moisture and wax accumulation. It is a vital part in the maintenance of one’s hearing aid(s). It consists of the cup, a foam piece and the drying capsule.

 Instructions for use of the Audinell drying cup:

  1. Place the drying capsule beneath the foam

  2. If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, remove batteries and keep battery door(s) open

  3. Place your hearing aid(s) on the foam

  4. Place the cover on the cup and close

  5. Keep hearing aids in the drying cup for 2-3 hours or overnight

  6. Replace the drying capsule when it turns nearly white from the original orange color to ensure adequate moisture control performance




Note: For hearing aid users who wish to look into a more stronger drying accessory they can inquire with their HearingLife staff about the PerfectDry Lux, an automatic hearing aid UV-C disinfecting and cleaning system.

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