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How to set up the TV Aid RF Wireless System
1) Connect the power cable to a wall outlet
2) Plug the AC power adapter in the DC jack (g)
3) Insert the headset into the charging cradle (c)
4) Charge for 5 hours or until the charging indicator turns Green (b)
5) Make sure the transmitters on/off switch (f) is in the Off position
6) Join the 3.5mm cable with the RCA cable together
7) Insert the end of the cable into the 3.5mm audio-in jack (d)
8) Connect the RCA cable into the Red and White ports of your TV or cable box (use TV for streaming services such as Netflix or for watching movies, use cable box if using cable or satellite TV service)

Using the headset
1) Turn On the headset (f)
2) Put the earbuds in your ears with the logo facing the transmitter/dock
3) Adjust the volume using volume wheel on bottom of headset to the preferred level
4) If the volume is not balanced in each ear you can adjust it by using the screwdriver on the back of the headset (Left/Right)

1) If there is no sound make sure the TV is not in Mute mode or the volume is turned off
2) Make sure the transmitter is On (f)
3) If the battery is low you will hear distortion
4) If none of the above solutions work, please turn off the headset and pair them again

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