ER-20 Musician Ear Plugs

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These reusable, pre-molded, silicone earplugs are specifically designed to protect your hearing from the effects of loud music without detracting from the sound quality. Regular foam or rubber earplugs can distort the sound of music because they block high-frequency sound (treble) more than low-frequency sound (bass), which can make music sound muffled or “muddy”. These plugs, however, are equipped with an ER-20 filter, which blocks sound of all frequencies almost equally. This means music still sounds natural, but it is quieter and therefore safer. The plugs have a triple-flange design to fit any ear and reduce the “blocked” feeling typical of earplugs.


Who are they for?

Non-custom ER-20 musicians’ earplugs provide moderate hearing protection and are therefore suitable for people who play or listen to moderately loud music and are looking for an affordable way to protect their hearing. This includes:

  • concert-goers

  • acoustic musicians

  • musicians who use modest levels of amplification in smaller venues

For musicians who play louder music in larger venues, we recommend custom musicians’ hearing protection, as it is more reliable and can provide higher degrees of protection. For musicians who are undecided about custom hearing protection, these non-custom plugs can serve as a stepping-stone to see what it is like to wear hearing protection designed for music, before investing in custom plugs. If you are interested in custom hearing protection, this can usually be obtained from a hearing aid clinic.



Always insert earplugs with clean hands, and wash reusable plugs between usages. With your opposite hand, pull the top of your ear up and back, like in the following video. This opens up your ear canal, making it easier to fit the earplug in. Grab the stem of the plug with your other hand and slide it into your ear canal, using a rocking motion, until you can feel it seal your ear canal. Insertion of earplugs should not hurt.

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