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How to set up the Clarity Alto

Install the backup batteries (optional) by removing the battery cover as shown in Figure 1.

  1. Pull the ends of the phone cord apart to untangle the cord. Connect the loose end of the phone cord into your wall telephone outlet.

  2. Place handset in cradle.

  3. Pull the ends of the power cord apart to untangle the cord. Plug the adapter into your wall’s electrical outlet.
    IMPORTANT: Use only with the Class 2 power adapter provided with your product.

  4. When finished, lift handset to test. If you hear a dial tone, your telephone is ready for use. If not, check all connections again.


17. LINE port: For the Phone Cord
18. POWER port: For the Power Adapter
19. NECKLOOP port: Insert a standard neckloop to use with your T-coil equipped hearing aid.
20. HEADSET port: Insert a standard headset to use instead of handset.
21. BEDSHAKER port: Insert the optional bedshaker (sold separately). It will vibrate to indicate incoming rings.
22. VOICE ASSIST switch: Set to ON if you wish to hear the keys presses during dialing (Both in handset and speakerphone).
23. BOOST OVERRIDE switch: Set to ON if you wish for the Boost function to be automatically enabled at the beginning of all calls.
24. MISSED CALL switch: Set to ON if you wish for the Missed Call light to turn on when you have an unanswered call.
25. VOICEMAIL switch: Set to ON if you wish to have the Voice Mail light enabled. When you have a voicemail waiting for you the Voicemail light turns on.
26. TONE/PULSE switch: Set this switch to the desired dialing tone.

For more information, please see full User Guide:

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