How to maintain your hearing aids daily

How to maintain your hearing aids daily Print

Hearing aids come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! All hearing aids have the following:

  • Microphone - Microphones work by detecting sound waves around you. For this to work effectively, there is a vented hole on the hearing aid, and the microphone is beneath it. The vent must be kept clear of debris. Some hearing aids have multiple microphone vents.

  • Speaker - The speaker, or receiver, is where the amplified sound is emitted from the hearing aid. The sound comes out of either a vented hole, or through a long, rubbery tube.

  • Battery - All hearing aids use batteries. Hearing aids that use disposable batteries use a battery door. Rechargeable hearing aids may or may not use this depending on whether the rechargeable battery is user-replaceable.

Daily maintenance is making sure that both the microphone and the speaker are clear of debris or obstructions so that the hearing aid works properly. Another thing to watch out for is moisture, as excessive moisture may cause the hearing aid to malfunction.

  1. Gently brush the microphone vents using the cleaning tool provided by your clinician, or an old clean dry toothbrush to remove wax or dirt build-up.

WARNING: Don't push the brush inside the microphone!

2. Clean the entire hearing aid with a soft cloth or tissue to remove any debris.

3. Brush the receiver/speaker end of your hearing aid, either your dome/mold or wax guard.

3. Minimize moisture in the hearing aids by putting your hearing aids in a drying cup. If your hearing aids use disposable batteries, i.e. are not rechargeable, then we recommend using the drying cup every night, and removing the batteries first (as moisture can get trapped under the batteries). For rechargeable hearing aids, we recommend putting them in their charger every night, and using the drying cup selectively whenever they get damp. The capsule inside your cup will need to be replaced approx. every 6 months to maintain the cup drying strength.