How to maintain your hearing aids daily

Regardless of what your hearing aid looks like:

- All hearing aids have a microphone that picks up the sound, and a speaker/receiver that delivers the sound back out to your ear.

- All hearing aids have batteries either one-time use or rechargeable, and finally all hearing aids do not get along with moisture very well!

Keeping these points in mind, daily maintenance on your hearing aid should consist of the following to ensure that the pathway into your hearing aids (Microphone) and out (Speaker) is kept clear. Along with keeping the overall moisture level in your hearing aids down so that the electronic components can run efficiently.

  1. Gently brush the microphone using the cleaning tool or an old clean dry toothbrush to remove wax or dirt build-up.

WARNING: Don't push the brush inside the microphone!

2. Clean the entire hearing aid with a soft cloth or tissue to remove any debris.

3. Brush the receiver/speaker end of your hearing aid, either your dome/mold or wax guard.

3. Minimize moisture in the hearing aids by putting your hearing aids in a drying cup every night. (Make sure to take out your batteries before you put them inside the cup.) The capsule inside your cup will need to be replaced approx. every 6 months to maintain the cup drying strength.