Dome changing with RITE (Receiver in the Ear) hearing aids

Dome changing with RITE (Receiver in the Ear) hearing aids Print

The dome is the rubbery attachment at the end of the receiver. Domes come in different shapes and sizes. Each aid may require the same dome, or they may be different depending on your ears. For hygienic reasons, we recommend to replacing domes once every month or sooner.

For daily maintenance, you can clean the domes by wiping them with a dry cloth or tissue.

The following is a chart of different dome shapes and sizes. Consult your clinician if you feel that your dome types need changing.


  • Lining up the dome and receiver is the most important part. When this is done correctly, a firm push is necessary, but take care to not use excessive force.

  • The end of the receiver is slightly bent due to the natural curve of our ear canals. Keep this in mind when lining up your dome.

  • Some people find it easier to use a hard surface like a table or counter to support the dome and then press the receiver post down into it. Place the dome upside down like a top/umbrella, then push the receiver straight down into it.

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