Battery changing with BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids

Battery changing with BTE (Behind the Ear) hearing aids Print

This image and video shows how to change the battery on BTE hearing aids


Batteries come in 4 different sizes, shown below from smallest to largest. The stickers are color-coded to match the size.

Your hearing aid will beep when battery power is low. The lifespan of a battery depends on a few factors:

  • SIZE: Larger batteries last longer. #10 (yellow batteries) may last only 2 days, while #13 (orange) batteries may last for a week or more.

  • HEARING AID POWER: If you have a more severe hearing loss, the hearing aid must provide additional power. Note that the most powerful hearing aids will use larger batteries, which offset this.

  • HEARING AID FEATURES: The latest hearing aids have many automatic features which increase the quality of life of the user, such as cancelling noise or wind. These features may use additional battery power.

  • CONNECTIVITY: Wireless features such as Bluetooth or phone communication use additional power.

Please note that the video doesn’t contain any sound.


For the sake of the environment, please don’t dispose spent batteries in the trash. Use a separate container for all spent batteries, then bring it to your clinic when you have accumulated enough of them. Your annual hearing test appointment is a great time to do this!

Batteries are available to purchase on our official website: Hearing Aid Supplies Archives - HearingLife Shop

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