Connecting Oticon TV Adapter to your TV

  1. Plug the power cord into the TV Adapter

  2. Plug the power supply into the main wall socket

  3. After a few seconds both indicators will fade Blue to indicate a pairing with your hearing aids is needed

  4. Follow this guide to pair your hearing aids:

  5. Make sure your TV or Cable Box is turned on

  6. Use the RCA or TOSLINK cables to plug into your TV or Cable Box
    - Plug in to your TV for movies or Netflix
    - Plug in to your Cable Box for cable TV

  7. Connect the wires to the output socket on your TV or Cable Box (Typically marked L – R AUDIO OUT and found on the TV back or bottom panel)

  8. Connect the wires to the connectors on the back of your TV Adapter

  9. A single Red light means the TV Adapter is connected but not streaming

Your TV Adapter should be showing Blue Lights or Green and Blue Lights to indicate streaming is active

*Make Sure to have the Volume on the your TV and/or cable box raised for streaming to work* 
*Change programs on your hearing aids by pressing the button for 2 seconds to enable streaming*

*A blinking Red light on your TV Adapter means there is no connection. You may need to raise the volume of your TV* 
*Two Green lights or a Blue and a Green light indicates the TV Adapter is streaming*
*A Red light on the TV Adapter indicates the hearing aids are paired but not streaming*
*If you have a smart TV you may need to change the Audio output on your TV as well*

Connect using RCA Cables

Connect using TOSLINK Cables

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