Connecting Oticon TV Adapter to your TV

Connecting Oticon TV Adapter to your TV Print

  1. Plug the power cord into the TV Adapter

  2. Plug the power supply into the main wall socket

  3. After a few seconds both indicators will fade Blue to indicate a pairing with your hearing aids is needed

  4. Follow this guide to pair your hearing aids:

  5. Make sure your TV or Cable Box is turned on

  6. Use the RCA or TOSLINK cables to plug into your TV or Cable Box
    - Plug in to your TV for movies or Netflix
    - Plug in to your Cable Box for cable TV

  7. Connect the wires to the output socket on your TV or Cable Box (Typically marked L – R AUDIO OUT and found on the TV back or bottom panel)

  8. Connect the wires to the connectors on the back of your TV Adapter

  9. A single Red light means the TV Adapter is connected but not streaming

Your TV Adapter should be showing Blue Lights or Green and Blue Lights to indicate streaming is active

*Make Sure to have the Volume on the your TV and/or cable box raised for streaming to work* 
*Change programs on your hearing aids by pressing the button for 2 seconds to enable streaming*

*A blinking Red light on your TV Adapter means there is no connection. You may need to raise the volume of your TV* 
*Two Green lights or a Blue and a Green light indicates the TV Adapter is streaming*
*A Red light on the TV Adapter indicates the hearing aids are paired but not streaming*
*If you have a smart TV you may need to change the Audio output on your TV as well*

Connect using RCA Cables

Connect using TOSLINK Cables

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