Pairing Oticon ConnectClip with BTD800 Bluetooth dongle

Pairing Oticon ConnectClip with BTD800 Bluetooth dongle Print

How to pair the Oticon ConnectClip with a BTD800 Bluetooth dongle

The use of the BTD800 Bluetooth dongle allows users to reliably stream audio output from their computer to their hearing aids using a ConnectClip.

  1. Make sure that the ConnectClip is off. Press and hold the Multi-button for 6 seconds until all lights are off.

  2. Turn the ConnectClip on and put in pairing mode by pressing and holding both the Multi-button and + button (volume up) for 6 seconds. The LED light will begin blinking Blue.

  3. Plug the BTD800 Bluetooth dongle into the USB port in your computer

  4. The LED light will go solid Blue when connection is established

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