Pairing the Oticon ConnectClip to the Phone Adapter

Pairing the Oticon ConnectClip to the Phone Adapter Print

In order to use the ConnectClip with the Phone Adapter, they must first be paired together:

  1. Plug in the Phone Adapter. The power indicator will show a steady Green light (For help with set up please follow these steps: Click here.

  2. Press the large Mulit-button and + button (volume up) on the ConnectClip at the same time until it starts blinking Blue

  3. Place the ConnectClip on the Phone Adapter and wait about a minute for it to pair

  4. Pairing is complete when the Phone Adapter and ConnectClip show a solid Blue light

*The phone adapter will normally not work with digital or multi-line phones. In the case this happens we recommend trying to pair the Connect Clip Directly to a Bluetooth phone.*

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