Pairing the ConnectClip with Oticon Opn Hearing Aids

How to connect your Oticon Opn Hearing Aids with the ConnectClip

  1. Make sure that the ConnectClip is off; press and hold the Multi-button for 6 seconds until all lights are off

  2. Turn off both hearing aids but either opening up the battery doors completely (traditional batteries), or pressing and holding the bottom button for 3 seconds (rechargeable batteries)

  3. Turn on the hearing aids by either closing the battery doors (traditional batteries), or pressing and holding the bottom button for 3 seconds (rechargeable batteries). Wait 10-15 seconds for the start-up jingle to play.

  4. Turn on the ConnectClip by holding the Multi-button for 3 seconds until the LED light is solid Green

  5. ConnectClip will now search for the hearing aids, and status indicator light will blink Yellow. Ensure ConnectClip and hearing aids are all no more than 20cm apart from one another.

  6. When connection is establish, status indicator light will be solid Yellow.

ConnectClip and hearing aids only need to be paired once. Once both on, the connection will be re-established. In rare cases (such as software updates on cell phone), re-pairing is needed.

For more information on your ConnectClip, please see full User Manual here:

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