How to wear your hearing aids with your eyeglasses

How to wear your hearing aids with your eyeglasses Print

When it comes to wearing hearing aids, especially for first-time users, it can be quite the challenge for some. But what if you need to wear hearing aids and eyeglasses? This can become even more challenging and frustrating, leading to some hearing aid wearers leaving their hearing aids in the drawer. Although it may not be easy you shouldn’t feel helpless, as there are some tips you can follow to allow you to comfortably wear both.

 ·        First put your eyeglasses on

·        Next, place the hearing aids between the eyeglass earpiece and outer ear

·        Adjust both as needed until comfortable

·        In front of the mirror, practice removing and putting on your eye glasses

·        When doing this, make sure to remove your eyeglasses pulling them forward with both hands instead

of up to avoid knocking off the hearing aids

·        Practice several more times placing the eyeglasses on your ear, between your head and hearing aid

and then removing

·        This will eventually become second nature and your confidence will build


**If you are still struggling to adjust even after the above steps, you can schedule an appointment with your hearing aid provider to see what alternative hearing aid options may be available to you.

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