Volume control and program switching with RITE hearing aids


These instructions explain how to change the volume and switch programs using the pushbuttons on the hearing aid. Some users may have difficulty pressing these pushbuttons due to their very small size. If you have difficulty doing this, consider using your hearing aid’s phone app, or using a remote control accessory to perform these actions.

Volume Control Instructions

If your hearing aids have a single button on the back:

  1. Pressing the Right button on your hearing aid raises the volume.

  2. Pressing the Left button on your hearing aid lowers the volume.

If your hearing aids have two buttons or a rocker on the back:

  1. Pressing the top button on raises the volume.

  2. Pressing the bottom button lowers the volume.

Program Control Instructions

  1. Most users have a single default program. However, your hearing healthcare professional may add additional programs for challenging environments. These programs are explained to you during your first fitting appointment.

  2. To change programs, press and hold the top button (or single pushbutton) for 1 second, then let go. It may take some practice to get the correct timing. Your hearing aid will beep a number of times based on what program has been accessed.


  • Your hearing aids will only be able to increase or lower the volume a certain amount. This is purposefully done for safety reasons.

  • If you find yourself constantly changing the volume, consult your hearing healthcare professional for an adjustment appointment.

  • A unique beep typically sounds when the volume is adjusted to medium (default) or when switched to the default program.

  • When the hearing aids are reset, the volume and programs are also reset.

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