Smartphone Updates and Hearing Aids

Smartphone Updates and Hearing Aids Print

Smartphones have only been a recent invention, yet it has now transformed modern life in many ways. Having the Internet available in your pocket, ready anytime you are out and about, means it can do things such as locate lost hearing aids with the help of an app. However, smartphones also contain much personal information, such as phone numbers, addresses, and even credit card information. That is why smartphone manufacturers frequently roll out security updates to ensure that whatever you store on your phone is safe and protected from those who attempt to infiltrate and steal your data, known as hacking.


Whenever a smartphone updates, your hearing aids may lose Bluetooth connectivity. They may no longer be able to connect to the phone. This is a known issue. You will need to forget the old Bluetooth pairing on the phone, then initiate the pairing process again.


For iPhone users, you may force the phone to forget the old pairing by going into Settings > Accessibility > Hearing Devices. Select your hearing aid, and one of the options will be to forget the device. Then follow this article to re-initiate pairing.


For Android phone users, ensure that the pairing is not listed in the Bluetooth connectivity menu. As there are many different types of Android phones and operating system versions, please consult your phone’s manual if you have difficulty accessing the Bluetooth menu. Then follow this article to re-initiate pairing.


It may seem annoying to pair the hearing aids once again, but this is a small inconvenience to ensure that your smartphone data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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