Phonak RemoteControl - Use and Setup

Phonak RemoteControl - Use and Setup Print

This small, straight-forward remote control allows for volume and program adjustments of your Phonak hearing aids. It is compatible with Phonak’s Paradise and Marvel (P and M) series of hearing aids, such as the Audéo P90-R. While the myPhonak app serves a similar function, this RemoteControl does not require a smartphone and has large, easy-to-read buttons. This makes it suitable for users who do not use a smartphone, who have poor vision or dexterity, or who simply want a tangible, “TV remote”-style way to control their hearing aids.

To use your Phonak RemoteControl with your hearing aids, they must be electronically paired together. Your hearing care provider may have already done this for you, but you can also do it yourself by following the instructions below. Please also note that the RemoteControl comes with a protective tab covering the batteries; when using it for the first time, you may need to pull this tab out before you can turn it on.

Pairing the Phonak RemoteControl with your hearing aids

It is only necessary to perform the pairing procedure once. After the initial pairing, your Phonak RemoteControl will connect automatically with your hearing aids.

  1. Start with the RemoteControl and the hearing aids switched off.

    1. For rechargeable hearing aids, you can switch them off by putting them in their charger.

    2. For non-rechargeable hearing aids, you can switch them off by opening the battery compartment.

  2. Switch the hearing aids on (by taking them out of their charger or by closing the battery compartment). This will put them into pairing mode for the next 3 minutes.

  3. Press and hold the volume up “+” button.

  4. Switch on your Phonak RemoteControl whilst still pressing the volume up “+” button.

  5. Release the volume up ”+” button when the light indicator starts to blink blue.

  6. The Phonak RemoteControl and your hearing aids will now pair automatically.

  7. After a successful pairing the light indicator is solid green for 5 seconds and you may hear a notification beep in your hearing aid.

  8. You can now use your Phonak RemoteControl.

Using the Phonak RemoteControl

  1. Use the switch on the right-hand side to turn the RemoteControl on or off. Turning it off while it is in your pocket or purse can prevent accidental button presses.

  2. The “+” and “-” buttons control your hearing aid volume. Give the “+” button a short press to make your hearing aids one notch louder. Give the “-” button a short press to make your hearing aids one notch softer.

  3. The third button, with the bump on it, changes programs on your hearing aids. What programs you have will depend on how your hearing aid provider set your hearing aids up. If you are not sure what your programs are, please ask your hearing aid provider.

  4. Any volume or program changes you make with the remote will be reset to your default the next time you turn the hearing aids off or put them in their charger; that is, the settings always go back to how your hearing aid provider set them.

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