Pairing Phonak Marvel hearing aids with your iPhone

Pairing Phonak Marvel hearing aids with your iPhone Print

  1. On your iPhone open the Settings menu.

  2. Select Bluetooth and make sure it is turned on.

  3. Open the battery doors on your hearing aid for 5 seconds and then close, to activate pairing mode. **If your aids are rechargeable refer below.

  4. In 10 seconds, you should receive a notification on screen to pair your hearing aids.

  5. Press Pair when you are prompted to do so by your iPhone.

  6. A connection beep will be heard when successfully paired.

  7. Now audio will stream from your iPhone to your hearing aids while Bluetooth is on.

** To activate pairing mode in a rechargeable hearing aid you will need to turn the hearing aid OFF/ON. Press and hold the volume down for 3 seconds -Red light will indicate your hearing aid is OFF. Press and hold again until the indicator light blinks green-ON.


-Ensure you have the latest iOS version installed on your iPhone.

-Ensure you have a fresh battery installed in your hearing aid, or rechargeable hearing aids are well charged.

-Preform a hard reboot on your iPhone. -Google your iPhone model along with hard reboot for specific instructions.

More specific FAQ and troubleshooting information can be found here.


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