How to set up your Phonak TV Connector

How to set up your Phonak TV Connector Print

  1. Open and unpack the TV Connector - You should find the TV Connector Box, along with an Audio cable and Power Cord.

  2. Give the TV Connector box power by plugging it in.

  3. Connect the Audio cable into the TV Connector box and into the Audio OUT port on the back of your TV.

  4. Green light on the box will indicate it is ready to steam audio signal.

  5. Bring your hearing aids within a 1 meter radius- The first time the TV connector is given power and the hearing aids come within range they will automatically connect. -Hearing aids will play a confirmation tune.

  6. Turn on your Television.

  7. Your hearing aids will automatically start streaming when an streaming audio signal is present. Streaming range is 15 metres.

  8. Use the connect button on the back of the TV Connector to pair another users hearing aids to the same TV connector box.

Streaming- refers to the wireless signal of sound that your hearing aid is receiving from the TV Connector box.

This video explains how to set up your Phonak TV Connector

-If someone walks into the room to have a conversation, you can push the button on your hearing aid to turn off the streaming signal from the TV, push the button again to reactive the streaming.

-Your hearing aids can be linked up to two TV Connectors. You can seamlessly switch from watching TV in the living room to TV in the bedroom.

-A TV connector can have an unlimited amount of hearing aid connections.

-If a telephone call comes in on your Bluetooth connected cellphone while streaming from the TV connector the phone call will take priority for the duration of the call.

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