Pairing the Bernafon SoundClip-A with your Hearing Aids

Pairing the Bernafon SoundClip-A with your Hearing Aids Print

  1. Start with the SoundClip-A off by pressing and holding the Multi-button for about 6 seconds until the power lights are OFF

  2. Restart the hearing aids by opening and closing the battery doors

  3. Turn ON the SounClip-A by holding and pressing the Multi-button until the power light turns GREEN

  4. SoundClip-A will automatically start blinking YELLOW and start searching for your hearing aids

  5. Place the SoundClip-A and both hearing aids next to each other

  6. Hearing aids are paired with SoundClip-A when the light is a SOLID YELLOW

How to Pair SoundClip-A to your Android Phone - Click Here

You can refer to Bernafon’s SoundClip-A Manual Here

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