Pairing Bernafon Zerena hearing aids to Android

Pairing Bernafon Zerena hearing aids to Android Print

To use Bernafon Zerena hearing aids with your android device for making and receiving calls you will need a SoundClip-A. (Contact your clinic if you do not have the SoundClip-A.)

Please refer to our guide here, How to Connect SoundClip-A with your Phone

To use your phone as a remote control, follow these steps to download Bernafon’s EasyControl-A App:

  1. Take your phone and go under Settings

  2. Click on Bluetooth

  3. Enable Bluetooth

  4. Go to the Google Play store and download the Easy Control A app.

  5. Open the application after it finishes installing

  6. Open and close the battery doors on both of your hearing aids to start pairing mode

    1. If you have a Rechargeable Hearing aids - put the hearing aids in the charger and then take them out, this will restart the hearing aids and put them in pairing mode

  7. Your hearing aids will show up as an available device once they are found (Bernafon Zerena)

  8. Press pair and your hearing aid will connect

  9. Now you can adjust the volume and change programs through the EasyControl-A app. Learn more about the EasyControl-A app here

If your hearing aids are unable to connect with your phone they may not be compatible. Please refer to this list for compatibility:

*If you cannot connect using this method your phone may not be compatible with your current hearing aids. You may contact our TeleSupport Line to confirm if this is the case.*

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