Oticon Real - An Introduction

Oticon Real - An Introduction Print

The Oticon Real are the newest line of hearing aids being launched by Oticon in 2023.

Using the new Polaris R platform, the Real is built on Oticon’s BrainHearing philosophy, providing the brain information it needs to support natural sound processing. This will allow users to receive the full scope of sound while also processing complex and unpredictable sounds with increased precision.

Two upgrades users can look forward to from this line of hearing aids include the Wind and Handling Stabilizer and SuddenSound Stabilizer. The Wind and Handling Stabilizer detects and cleans up wind and handling noise resulting in a more comfortable listening experience, while the SuddenSound Stabilizer monitors the sound environment keeping both soft and loud sudden sounds available, balanced and comfortable.

The Real hearing aids come with Telecoil and Rechargeable technology options and can be connected with eligible smartphones for streaming and app use. Additionally, users can expect two new color options to choose from: Hear Pink and Olive Green.

Along with the upgrades in technology and increase in color options users will also have some of those familiar accessories to choose from which they’ve grown accustomed to or might have had interest in. These include: the Connectclip, Remote Control 3.0, EduMic, Phone adaptor 2.0 and TV adaptor 3.0.

One thing that users can be sure of is the Oticon Real uses Oticon’s most powerful platform to date, which will allow for more clarity and comfort in their listening experience than ever before.


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