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CROS stands for “contralateral routing of signal”, and is a hearing solution recommended for people who have “single sided deafness” (SSD: no usable hearing in one ear). The better ear can have normal hearing (CROS) or hearing loss (BiCROS). In both cases, the sounds from the poorer hearing ear are transferred to the better ear. In the BiCROS solution there is also amplification added to address the hearing loss in the better ear. This helps users to gain spacial awareness and allows better access to speech no matter which direction the sounds are coming from.

This solution consists of:

  • A transmitter with a microphone that wirelessly transmits the sounds from the poorer ear to the better ear.

  • A hearing aid that picks up the sound and plays it in the better ear.

The benefits of Oticon CROS

  • Access to speech from all directions

    Enjoy actively engaging in conversations with friends and family in both easy and more challenging listening environments.

  • Peace of mind in social gatherings

    You no longer have to worry about where to place yourself in social gatherings, since you can pick up sounds from all directions.

  • Dual streaming

    Watch television or listen to music while carrying on a conversation with someone positioned on your poorer ear side.

The below video shows how to test the connection while wearing Oticon CROS:

In this video, you will see that the wearer rubs her finger over the microphone on the transmitter side; when this rustling sound is heard in the better ear, she is assured the system is working.

To learn more about the benefits of Oticon’s CROS, please read recent research article below:


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