Hearing aid battery life

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How long do hearing aid batteries last?

Hearing aid batteries have varying degrees of life. The amount of time a battery will last depends on certain factors:

  1. Size (smallest to largest) of disposable battery
    Size 10 (Yellow): 3-5 days
    Size 312: (Brown) 5-8 days
    Size 13 (Orange): 8-14 days
    Size 675 (Blue): 14-20 days

  2. The hearing aid’s power output
    The power output of the hearing aid depends on the severity of your hearing loss. A more severe hearing loss will need a higher output than a mild loss, thus the battery will be consumed faster.

  3. Whether the battery is disposable or rechargeable
    Disposable batteries last longer. Rechargeable hearing aid batteries are meant to last for one full day, so they need to be placed in a charging dock overnight to recharge.

    A disposable battery activates the moment its sticker is removed, as the air is what causes it to activate. Once the sticker is removed, attempting to re-apply it will not preserve the energy in the battery. Only remove stickers from disposable batteries when you are ready to use them.

    Some hearing aids accept both disposable and rechargeable batteries. These models have a safety feature that will prevent the charger from charging disposable batteries. Other models have an embedded rechargeable battery that has a locked battery door and the user cannot open it. To change these batteries, visit your hearing healthcare professional.

  4. Streaming time
    Streaming phone calls or audio from your television, computer or other device consumes more battery life due to the additional power required to send wireless signals to another device.

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