Hearing Aid Technology Levels

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HearingLife offers different technology levels at various price points. Regardless of which technology level you select, you will hear a significant difference between aided and unaided speech.

Hearing loss limits the amount of acoustic detail the brain receives. The fewer details, the harder the brain has to work to decode sound. Hearing aids with additional technology have a greater ability to retrieve more detail in demanding listening environments in order for to maximize speech intelligibility. In other words, a more advanced hearing aid makes listening feel effortless in difficult listening situations.

ENTRY-LEVEL (Ruby 1, Ruby 2, Siya 1, Siya 2, Xceed 3, Viron 1, Viron 3)

Entry-level hearing aids are the most affordable models in our portfolio, starting as low as $44 per month. They are best suited for users with a moderate hearing loss, who spend their time in less demanding environments. Talk to your hearing care professional to see if entry-level hearing aids are right for you.

BASIC (Oticon OPN S 3, Oticon Xceed 2, Bernafon Viron 5, Sonic Enchant80)

  • OpenSound Navigator Level 3 (Basic) – An improved listening experience with basic reduction of background noise, and reduction of loud noise coming from specific directions while preserving speech.

ADVANCED (Oticon OPN S 2, Bernafon Viron 7, Sonic Enchant100)

  • OpenSound Navigator Level 2 (Advanced) – An easier listening experience with moderate reduction of background noise, and reduction of loud noise coming from specific directions while preserving speech.

  • Clear Dynamics – Greater distinction between soft and loud sounds. Experience superior sound quality, especially when you are engaging in conversations in noisy environments.

  • Spatial Noise Management – Preserves interaural level differences, maintaining the sense of location and direction naturally provided by the head shadow effect.

PREMIUM (Oticon OPN S 1, Oticon Xceed 1, Bernafon Viron 9)

  • OpenSound Navigator Level 1 (Premium) – The easiest listening experience with maximum reduction of background noise, and rapid reduction of loud noise coming from specific directions while preserving speech.

  • Expanded fitting bandwidth – Enhances clarity for sounds outside the speech spectrum, such as higher-pitched musical instruments.

  • Enhanced Spatial Sound LX – Provides a richer, more realistic sound picture so you perceive the location and direction of sounds with greater ease.

Though the overall benefit of premium hearing aids becomes clear in the most difficult listening situations, they are always recommended for maximum support across different environments, regardless of hearing loss, user age, or lifestyle.

All models in our current product line have full wireless connectivity features. They are able to use the helper smartphone apps, as well as connect to all compatible wireless accessories.

Many of our models also offer a rechargeable battery option, so no need to be changing batteries.

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