Set up your Starkey SurfLink media device with a TV

Set up your Starkey SurfLink media device with a TV Print

This video shows how to set up your SurfLink media device to your TV

You can refer to Starkey’s Surflink Media Device here

  • Surflink Media device can be connected to your TV in 3 ways: RCA jacks, TOSLINK, Coaxial S/PDIF

  • Connect the power adapter from the SurfLink Media to the power outlet in a wall socket

  • Please consult with your hearing professional on how the hearing aid(s) are set up to audio stream to the SurfLink Media.

  • Mono/Stereo Switch Settings:

    • MONO (left position) - if you wear one hearing aid

    • STEREO (right position) - if you wear two hearing aids

  • Audio Fidelity Switch Settings:

    • All wireless hearing aids can stream audio from bottom switch position

    • Only wireless hearing aids marked with + can stream audio from top switch position. If unsure, contact your hearing professional

  • Volume Control - volume control slider bar allows user to adjust the audio streaming level transmitted to the hearing aid(s). You can adjust the level by sliding your finger left to right

  • Streaming Activation Control - modifies the distance that hearing aid(s) will be able to start streaming. Sliding your finger to the right, increases the distance where you want to be able to start streaming. Most users will be successful with the blue light bar fully illuminated to the right

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