Pairing the Signia Streamline Mic with a Smartphone

Pairing the Signia Streamline Mic with a Smartphone Print

The video shows how to pair the StreamLine Mic with your Android phone

  1. Hold down the Multi-function button and + button at the same time until the status light flashes blue. Takes about 6 seconds. Now the Streameline Mic is in pairing mode.

  2. On your Smartphone go to Settings, into Bluetooth.

  3. Have Bluetooth to start searching for devices. “StreamLine Mic” will appear in the list. Select “Streamline Mic”. If request a PIN, enter “0000” (four zeros)

  4. Pairing is completed when status light is a Solid blue.

You can refer to Signia’s Streamline Mic User Guide here.

How to Pair Signia’s Streamline Mic with hearing aids

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