How do I pair using my Oticon rechargeable hearing aids?

You can pair your Oticon Opn S and Oticon Play Rechargeable hearing aids with a variety of devices, such as your phone, television, or remote.

  • To pair the hearing aids with a device you will need to turn them off by holding the volume down button for 3 seconds. The LED light will flash Red and will play 4 descending tones.

  • Once your hearing aid has turned off you may turn them back on again by holding the volume down button for 2 seconds. The LED light will flash Green and the start up jingle will play.

This will put your hearing aids into pairing mode for 3 minutes

For device specific information, see “Oticon Accessory” list on the “Self Serve Articles and Videos” page to find out how to pair with a variety of devices (smart phone, remote, ConnectClip, TV Box, Phone Adaptor, bluetooth dongle).

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