My Oticon Zpower charger is blinking red?

My Oticon Zpower charger is blinking red? Print

The status lights on your Zpower charger let you know when your hearing aids are charging, as well as notify you when something is wrong.

  • When both lights are flashing Red, the room temperature is out of range (>45 degrees celcius) and charging is paused until temperature is back in range

  • If one light is flashing Red, verify that the batteries are Zpower rechargeable batteries (written directly on batteries themselves)

5 tips to get the most of your Zpower rechargeable batteries:

  1. Charging: Always fully charge the batteries, until the light on the charging dock is solid Green. It takes approximately 7 hours.

  2. Out of Power: If the batteries are drained and the hearing aids have switched off, never try to get more use by opening and closing the battery doors. Either:

    1. Place the hearing aids in the charging dock and ensure it is on

    2. Insert disposable batteries and keep the rechargeable batteries safe for charging later

  3. Not in use: If you are not using your hearing aids for an extended period of time, take the batteries out.

  4. Handling: Do not keep your rechargeable batteries together with metal objects such as keys and coins.

  5. Maintenance: Wipe off any moisture on the hearing aids or charging dock before charging using a soft tissue. Do not use rubbing alcohol or other chemical substances.

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