How to clean/maintain miniRITE/RITE (Receiver In The Ear) hearing aids

How to clean/maintain miniRITE/RITE (Receiver In The Ear) hearing aids Print

  1. Clear any debris found in and around the microphone ports (holes on back of hearing aid) by using a dry cloth or brush.

  2. Clean the tip of the hearing aid that goes inside your ear with a dry cloth.

  3. Remove the dome from your hearing aid to see if there is any wax plugging the wax guard.

  4. Change the wax guard if needed.

  5. Check the receiver wire to see if it has any kinks or twists, as this may lead to malfunction.

How to clean your microphones

How to change your hearing aid dome


Lining up the dome and receiver post is the most important part, once lined up correctly a firm grip and push is necessary. If you are not having luck the first time, lining up again accurately is more effective than more force.

Note: The end of the receiver post is bent due to the natural curve of our ear canals- Work with this bend rather then against it when lining up your dome.

Some people find it easier to use a hard surface like a table or counter to support the dome and then press the receiver post down into it. Think of it like putting the handle into an umbrella -Place the dome upside down like a top/umbrella and then pushing the receiver post straight down into it like the umbrella handle.

How to change your wax guard

More detailed information on your wax guard can be found here

How to change your battery

More detailed battery information can be found here

How to clean your custom mold

Note there is no intended audio for this video

Wipe down the mold, follow the video instructions to clean out the vent of your mold. Change your waxguard as needed.

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