How to clean/maintain ITE (In the Ear)/Custom hearing aids

  1. First focus on cleaning the microphone ports using the brush provided by your hearing healthcare professional or an old clean dry toothbrush to clear away built up wax or debris. Hold the device facing downward so any loose particles will fall out of the hearing aid instead of staying lodged inside.

  2. Change the wax guard if needed (Instructions below)

  3. Finish by wiping the entire device with a dry cloth or tissue. This will remove debris from the case of the hearing aid

How to clean your vent

How to change your battery

How to change your wax guard

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More detailed wax guard information can be found here

How to change your microphone covers (O Caps/T Caps)

O-Cap for ITE, HS and ITC hearing devices

T-Cap for CIC and IIC hearing devices: