Pairing ReSound Hearing aids with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Pairing ReSound Hearing aids with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Print

Pairing your Resound hearing aids with Apple products can be achieved by following the below steps:      

  1. Insert a fresh battery in your Resound hearing aid and keep the battery door open. (For rechargeable hearing aids, place the hearing aids in the charger)


  1. In your phone settings check that Bluetooth is On

  1. Close the battery doors of the hearing aids. (For rechargeable hearing aids, remove from the charger)

  2. Tap the arrow at the top of the screen of Bluetooth to go back 

  3. Tap Accessibility

  1. Then tap Hearing Devices

  1. Tap on the name and model of your hearing aid when it appears on the screen

  1. When connected, your hearing aid name will be shown with a checkmark and the color of the name will change from black to blue

  1. Tap Pair when it appears. When pairing two hearing aids, you will receive separate pairing requests. The second request should appear a few seconds after the first pairing


Now your hearing aids will be connected and you can check the status of the connection on the Hearing Devices page:


Note: When you turn off your hearing aids or Apple device, they will no longer be connected.

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