Setting up your ReSound Unite Remote Control2 and Remote Control

Setting up your ReSound Unite Remote Control2 and Remote Control Print

Remote Control 2 - Advanced remote with screen

Charge and turn on the remote with the side slider.

To activate pairing mode, slide down bottom silver cover and push the pairing button with a pointy object [((.))], open and close the battery doors of your hearing aids. When paired both bars will be seen on the screen.

Remote Control- Small three button remote

To activate pairing mode, press the pin hole button on the back of the remote control using a pointy object. Open and close your hearing aid battery doors to turn your hearing aids off and then on again, and keep them close to the remote control. An audible indicator will chime in your hearing aids when the successfully connected. This simple 3 button remote will allow for Volume and program adjustments.

To lock the buttons on your remote hold the volume down and program button together for 3 seconds the top light indicator will flash 3 times. To unlock- repeat the same, the light indicator will only flash once.

**Detailed User Guides are linked below the video.

Resound Remote Control User Guides

Resound Remote Control U…Resound Remote Control 2…

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