Pairing a Unitron uDirect to a Bluetooth enabled device

Pairing a Unitron uDirect to a Bluetooth enabled device Print

This durable sleek device allows for a wireless connection between your hearing aids and Bluetooth enabled device. Ie. Mobile phone, tablet, MP3 player, as well as an FM System.

To connect to a Bluetooth enabled device you will need to place the uDirect device into pairing mode, and search for the uDirect on your Bluetooth enabled device.

On your uDirect -Turn the device ON with the slide on the bottom left. Press and hold both the volume UP button and top (<>) right side button, until you see the audio light indicator flash blue, this indicates pairing mode.

Now on your Bluetooth enabled device open your Bluetooth options under the settings menu to search for the uDirect. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the pairing process.

The indicator light will show solid blue when the pairing is successful.

Note there is no audio on this video.

uDirect User Manual:

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