How to speak with a loved one regarding hearing loss

How to speak with a loved one regarding hearing loss Print

Hearing loss can be a delicate and personal topic. We can see it as a sign of aging and often find it hard to talk about. It's important to be empathetic and supportive when speaking with a loved one about their possible hearing loss. Listen to their concerns and try to understand where they are coming from before encouraging them to have a hearing test.

Another important thing to consider is if they already know they have a problem. It can help when you acknowledge it's a known issue and they just don't know how to seek help. For example, you can say "I noticed you've had trouble hearing our daughter recently, and I was wondering if you'd like to talk about it."

Your loved one may be nervous about seeking treatment. Showing you care can have a lasting impact, and it can encourage them to seek help faster than if you used a negative approach. Offering to go see a hearing care professional together can be great emotional support for them as well.

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