Can I get a hearing loss from commuting on the subway?

Can I get a hearing loss from commuting on the subway? Print

Yes, you can get a hearing loss from riding the subway every day.

Let's say you take the subway for 5 days a week consistently for a number of years. While taking the subway for an extended period of time, you will be subjected to many loud, high pitch sounds, and may start to develop a mild hearing loss in the high frequencies.

Studies show that the volume at platform level can get as loud as 106 decibels. It only takes 30 seconds for noise-induced hearing loss to occur at that volume, and once the inner hair cells in your ears are damaged, they cannot grow back.

So, how do we avoid damaging our hearing on our daily commute? A great way to keep your ears safe from noise pollution is to wear hearing protection. We provide custom hearing protection that will fit to the shape of your ear for extra comfort and reliability.

Please follow this link for further information:,reach%20up%20to%20106%20decibels.&text=On%20average%2C%20however%2C%20stations%20are,after%20160%20minutes%20of%20exposure.

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