Why do hearing aids cost so much?

Why do hearing aids cost so much? Print

Before we talk about cost, let us look into what are hearing aids.

Hearing aids are medical devices that are prescribed to help with hearing loss. They can be compared to a high tech computer sitting on your ear that can process sound and translate it into a language you can understand. It reduces ambient noise and constantly adjusts to all the noises around you. They are made to recognize speech over all the other noises we hear in our daily life.

Hearing aids are also able to provide depth perception, so you will not hear someone speaking next to you at the same volume than someone talking to you across the hall at the same time. Each year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by the industry in research and development into both software and hardware to improve how these devices perform.

The purchase of a hearing aid not only includes accessories and batteries, but all of the professional services that go along with it as well, including a comprehensive warranty. Your hearing loss may change, your hearing needs to be re-tested and your hearing aids will need reprogramming; your hearing aids may need repairs and maintenance; and you may need consultations during the next few years. All of these services are included in the cost of your hearing aids. You are making an investment in your health.

Here is another way to look at the price of hearing aids: the cost of a set of hearing aids comes out to less than 4 dollars a day for the next 4-5 years. That's less than a latte at your favorite coffee shop. Although not insignificant, one must take into consideration this small cost when you think about all the benefits they bring with communication, wellness, and hearing your loved ones again.

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