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The More is the newest hearing aid line from Oticon.

Throughout the years we all thought that less was better, that less noise in challenging environments was the best way to help people with hearing loss. However, through research, we’ve come to realize the brain does not benefit from this approach. It doesn’t support the brains natural way of working.

In reality, the more sound the brain receives, the more it understands. These hearing aids allow you experience all sounds in your daily life. We no longer need to be afraid of how well we will hear in a busy environment.

In order to deliver a full sound experience, Oticon trained Oticon More with 12 million real-life sounds. Its self-learning features will adjust and adapt to your daily life to best suit your personal hearing needs.

The More hearing aids come with rechargeable technology, and can be connected to modern Android smartphones without the use of a remote.

The Oticon More hearing aids are simply prepared to handle all that life has to offer.

You can purchase the Oticon More Charger on our official website:

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