Getting started with IFTTT for your Oticon Opn hearing aids

Getting started with IFTTT for your Oticon Opn hearing aids Print

You can think of the IFTTT (IF THIS, THEN THAT) just like cause and effect. It is the link to allow devices to connect and communicate. The IFTTT app allows you to create “instructions” between devices that IF THIS happens, THEN cause THAT to occur.

For example: IF the doorbell rings (THIS), THEN cause three long beep in my hearing aids (THAT)

or, IF my hearing aid battery runs low (THIS), THEN send an email to my caregiver (THAT)

How to set up IFTTT and the different services it provides with your hearing aids

Learn more about the IFTTT network by clicking HERE.

In summary:

  1. Download the Oticon ON app onto your smartphone, you will need to set up an Oticon account and follow the instructions on pairing your hearing aids to your device

  2. Download the IFTTT app onto your smartphone and follow the instructions in the app to set up your IFTTT account

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