Hearing Aid Battery Life

How long do hearing aid batteries last?
Hearing aid batteries have varying degrees of life. The amount of time a battery will last depends on certain factors.

1) Battery size
2) Power output of hearing aid
3) Primary or rechargeable batteries
4) Streaming time

1) Battery life based on size (Small to large)
Size 10: 3-5 days
Size 312: 5-8 days
Size 13: 8-14 days
Size 675: 14-20 days

2) The power output of the hearing aid depends on the severity of your hearing loss. A more severe hearing loss will need a higher output than a mild loss.

3) A primary battery will last until it's charge runs out and a rechargeable battery can be used again even after losing it's charge. Rechargeable hearing aids are meant to last for the full day and need to be placed in a dock overnight to recharge.

4) Streaming phone calls or audio from your television consumes more battery life due to being connecting to another device.

*A primary hearing aid battery activates when it makes contact with the air. Once you remove the sticker the battery is active until it runs out of charge.

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