Clarity Alto Plus Digital

The video and instruction outline how to set up and use your Clarity BT914

How to set up the Clarity Alto Plus

17 . LINE port: For the Phone Cord
18 . POWER port: For the Power Adapter
19 . NECKLOOP port: Insert a standard neckloop to use with your T-coil equipped hearing aid.
20 . HEADSET port: Insert a standard headset to use instead of handset.
21 . BEDSHAKER port: Insert the optional bedshaker (sold separately). It will vibrate to indicate incoming rings.
22 . VOICE ASSIST switch: Set to ON if you wish to hear the keys presses during dialing (Both in handset and speakerphone).
23 . BOOST OVERRIDE switch: Set to ON if you wish for the Boost function to be automatically enabled at the beginning of all calls.
24 . MISSED CALL switch: Set to ON if you wish for the Missed Call light to turn on when you have an unanswered call .
25 . VOICEMAIL switch: Set to ON if you wish to have the Voice Mail light enabled. When you have a voicemail waiting for you the Voicemail light turns on.
26 . TONE/PULSE switch: Set this switch to the desired dialing tone.

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